Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grandpa, Apple Pies and Family Time

One day this fall my grandfather (my mom's dad) called me and asked if I would like to take a day trip to an apple orchard in Blue Ridge. He and my late grandmother would go every year to get apples, shop, and eat at their favorite restaurant. He hadn't gone back since she passed.
Daniel is off on Saturdays so we packed a picnic and drove down to pick up my grandpa. On the way down Daniel asked me if I thought my cousin Carrington would be interested in going along. I called my Aunt Monica and she said that my uncle would drop her off at my grandfather's. 
Grandpa rode up front next to Daniel and Carrington and I piled in the back. It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely drive up to the orchard.
My grandpa had a few teary moments but truly seemed to enjoy the day. I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to spend that time with him and Carrington. Family is very important to me and I truly soaked up that day.
Here are some pictures from our trip. ♥ ♥ ♥

Yeah, so, every road trip calls for an awkward selfie. 
 Love these two men.

 This girl is one of my faves. #truestory
 Photo credit: #thehubby
 #thehubbytookthisonetoo We had amazing weather!
 Taking pictures on the bench that Grandpa and Grandma use to sit on together and take pictures.
 It was so good to see grandpa laugh. :)
 Okay...Funniest moment of the day. When we first arrived at the apple orchard grandpa wanted to get apple pies. The rest of us were hungry so we got one too. After we ate them we started walking around and looking at all the different booths set up. Grandpa had been shopping with us and all of the sudden he was gone. Of course, Carrington and I panicked. Daniel looked in the restroom while my cousin and I searched the shop. Then we found him........Ordering more pies. Moral of the story, when you are almost 89, you can eat all the fried pies you want. The End

He's presh. ♥
 Love this hottie. (Thank-you, Carrington for snapping some pictures for us!)
 Doing some shopping.
 The guys were great shopping buddies. :P
 Grandpa at his favorite restaurant.
 #therearenowords #hippiehubby

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  1. Reading your blog entry reminded me of time spent with my own grandfather, who passed away nearly five years ago. I still miss him. You're so lucky to still have your grandfather!

  2. such wonderful memories! I love times spent with grandparents making memories like this!!
    thanks for sharing!