Monday, January 16, 2017

Imperfectly Perfect

 I woke up yesterday feeling overwhelmed. Daniel has been working out of town for the last two weeks and my house was turned upside down. We had stacks of dirty clothes, luggage that needed to be sorted through, cleaning that sorely need to happen....
We had just finished breakfast and I was standing in the middle of my kitchen wishing Mary Poppins would walk through my door and start snapping my house into shape. Then I saw Elizabeth sitting on my table, mayonnaise in hand, watching me ever so intently. 
 I'm not sure what made me get my camera out with my house being such a wreck, but I'm so glad I did. I've always loved taking pictures. There is something about looking through my camera that makes me see life differently. You see those beautiful details that most people might miss. 

Here's a glimpse into my perfectly imperfect morning.

 Watching the way Daniel loves her unconditionally and the way she loves him so fully brought tears to my eyes. She has a wonderful man on her side... and I think she knows it.

 These two are my world.

 I'm thankful for these pictures that will be there to remind me that these are truly the best days of my life. The mess, the craziness, the unknown....all of it. These will be precious memories-my memories.

  My daily reminder not to get lost in this fast-paced world...

 Until next time...

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  1. Precious memories for sure! I've learned to never take them for granted. Much love to all of you.