Monday, January 15, 2018

Just $45 In His Pocket

This blog has been quiet for quite a while now and I feel the need to "blow the dust off" and write again.
Beginning a post is always the hardest part for me...wondering where to even start!

There have been so many times lately that I've been told that I need to be documenting these oh-so-crazy days. I grew up blogging and I treasure those old posts, but as a busy mom I really struggle trying to find the time (and the Q U I E T) to sit, gather my jumbled thoughts and put them down in an organized way.

 My man is in Atlanta today for a meeting so I am going to take advantage of this quiet Monday to start my next blog series.
Here goes...

A topic that I have been discussing a lot with my peers is FINANCES. Yep, I'm weird and I get really nerdy when it comes to budgeting, saving, learning to live on less and anything Dave Ramsey. It's 2018, a new year and one of my personal goals is to continue to learn to "live like no one else".

Growing up my parents really encouraged me to be wise with my money. They taught me the importance of living frugally so that I could give generously.
As a Christian I believe that we should strive extra hard in this area. Time and time again I have observed  that you cannot give generously of your time or resources to others if you are not financially free.
Of course, I understand that we live in a broken world and poverty is a part of that...however, so many people live in bondage because of poor choices and a lack of discipline.

I want to share our journey (so far) towards financial freedom in hopes that it encourages even just 1 person to start making intentional decisions to be financially free! IT IS POSSIBLE!
We are still learning so much from people who are further in this journey and we are so grateful for the ones that have stopped along the way to encourage us!

I'll never forget a phone conversation I had with Daniel before our wedding.
It was a chaotic afternoon just a couple weeks before the big day and my phone rang. Daniel said that he had something he needed to tell me. He started the conversation by asking if I wanted the good news or the bad news first. :) I told him I needed some good news...
He went on to tell me that he was debt free! I was pretty sure he didn't have a lot of debt but it was good to hear that after graduating with his bachelors from a private, Christian college ($$$$$) he did not have any debt. Daniel applied for scholarships and worked his way through college. #shamelessplugforbae
Then came the bad news... he told me that his savings consisted of about $45 in his wallet.
I sat there and tried to make words come out of my mouth.

Before I go any further, you need to know that I am a huge planner, have a type A personality and up to that point, always had a pretty good emergency fund.
When words finally did come I told him that I needed to go process that information and then I would call him back. My mind was whirling....I had turned down a full-time position when I got engaged in preparation for moving to North, GA. I did not have a job lined up there and Daniel's job didn't guarantee 40hrs a week.
Y'all, I was worried. Really worried...I mean do you even know how much I can eat!? :)


Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing how we as a couple manged to buy groceries in those early days, places we've lived to save on rent, side-jobs that we've done that have enabled us to make large purchases with cash in our hand, how we have avoided debt, how we began to save $1000 a month on a low-income budget, creative ways to continue to go on dates even when you are broke and lastly our home renovation project!
 I want to be transparent about the struggles and the successes all the while praying that God uses it to encourage you!

Here's an oldie from back when we was skinny and broke... :)

Please comment or message me some of the ways you are hoping to become financially free this year. I really would love to hear from you!


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