Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We are settled into our new apartment and the last of the boxes are slowly disappearing. #halleluiah

Daniel and I have done a lot the last few weeks. Some of things have been fun, others...not so fun. Like last week when I realized my car tag had been expired for a month...Definitely not fun.

I've taken lots of pictures of the Gentry happenings so I'll do my best not to overload you. :)

Here we are celebrating me getting older. Love each of these humans so much! #22 

This handsome man took me on an adventure for my birthday. We got passes for Tallulah Gorge and spent the day climbing 700 stairs, boulder hopping, hiking, and sliding down a waterfall. It was a glorious day. He makes my life exciting.

 the waterfall/slide

 Summer isn't summer without lots of pool time.

Snapped this while hanging out on my family's farm. #sheislovely
We recently celebrated this fabulous couple's 25th Anniversary.
 While trying to take pictures...Barnabas the dog decided to join the shoot. This is real life y'all. :)
 Their faces though.
We did a surprise dinner for my parents.

This child has my heart. 
Fourth of July parade.

A local farmer that Daniel grew up working for was the Grand Marshall of the parade.

 My father-in-law was in the parade as well. :)

the fam
 These guys make me laugh. :)

 He loves pizza and hates his shoes. #mychild ;)
 My sisters
  my people.
 Running into friends at local events is just one of the many things I love about small towns.
 We watched three people parachute before the fireworks. #onmybucketlist

 This lady is my favorite.
 Aren't they adorbs?
 She makes me smile.
 :) :)
 Loved catching up with these girls!
 My big brothers from other mothers.
 Love each of the precious young ladies.

Daniel and his mama.
Gramps! (Daniel's grandpa)
 My niece Megan and Mrs. Deal. ;)

Those S'mores were delish.

 Joe, Ann, and little Timothy.

  Me and my mama-in-law.

 Getting ready to swim!
 My sister-in-law Lisa and Megan!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our summer.

McKenzie Gentry


  1. Ok, let me just say first of all that you are GORGEOUS. I loved seeing all of these pictures! Looks like you are having a fun summer!

    1. You are so sweet. <3 This has been a pretty fun summer. ;)

  2. Just found this one... I've got to catch up! LOVE all your pictures. Makes you feel as if we are all together. The one where everyone is sitting around waiting on the curb... look at how much Madeline looks like your mother! Wow! Really enjoyed this. Thank you for letting us into your family's world!