Monday, February 29, 2016

True Love Waits Conference 2015

 This past weekend Daniel and I had the incredible blessing of serving along side some very dear brothers and sisters in Christ at a True Love Waits Conference hosted by our church. I was with the young ladies so unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the the guys. :(

Daniel and I were asked to speak at the Saturday morning session to the young people and some of their parents on what it means to be equally yoked. We were thankful for the opportunity to share what Christ  did through our teen/young adult years to prepare us for a gospel driven marriage. It is always good to reflect on what God has done through our mentors and parents through the years that has brought us to where we are now. With joy in our hearts we were able to share with all honesty the blessing that comes from striving to live out God's design. Our desire is that through our testimony young people are able to see what God can do through two imperfect people.

It was a beautiful time of seeing godly women come together to instruct and encourage the next generation of women.
 The girls and guys were hosted by two different families in the church. It was neat to see God's people opening up their homes and beautifully displaying Biblical hospitality to the young people.
Mrs. Michelle did an amazing job hosting the ladies.
She confiscated all electronics for the event so that there was accountability and to create a distraction free environment for the weekend. Some of the leaders (pictured below) had a marvelous time taking "selfies" with all the girls phones. :)

The Donut.  :) :) 
Mrs. Michelle used a donut as a wonderful illustration to teach us more about what the Bible says about modesty.
 There was a really fun relationship game that the girls played that took them all through the house....Even in the bathroom. :) :)

 The majority of the evening was spent focusing on what God's word says about relationships, purity, sex, and much more. It was wonderful to hear a fresh and Biblical view about these important topics!
The next morning the girls had more small group talks and were presented with a rose. Girlhood is fleeting and so beautiful. What precious thing to have an opportunity to spend time instructing and praying for the next generation of wives and mothers. Our prayer is that each of these beautiful girls live lives that proclaim the gospel of Christ and shine with radiant purity.
Sunday morning the young men and women that attended the conference had an opportunity to commit to God and their parents, to live a life of purity. It brought tears of joy to mine and Daniel's eyes to see these young people's desire to live lives that please the Lord. The parents presented purity rings to their teens and young adults as a reminder of their commitment.

Much has been happening in our lives and I hope to update the blog again soon!

Love in Christ Jesus,

McKenzie Gentry


  1. Thats So Wonderful! I am looking forward to some maternity pictures!! ;)

  2. This looks like an amazing conference, Mckenzie! So cool that you + your husband could be a part of it!