Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Birth Story of Elizabeth Grace

 Elizabeth is a month old today and what a wonderful month it has been! Daniel and I are so grateful for this little one that God has entrusted to us!

Elizabeth's birth story will be shared through the writings of my seventeen year old sister Madeline Grace. Madeline was present at the birth and recorded the events that transpired on June 29th, 2016.

Packed and ready to go!

Wednesday-June 29,2016 11:17 A.M.
"Contractions are 2.5-3 minutes apart now and they appear to be feeling pretty severe. The midwife has suggested pitocin to aid in further dilation so as to speed the process along. They broke your mama's water at 9:08 A.M. Before that, your mama was feeling well enough to walk about and brush her teeth. At 11:10 they recorded your heart beat to make sure you were still okay. The monitor is on and I am listening to your heart beat as I write this.
Mama just had another severe contraction. She had had enough of your heart monitor, so she ditched it. :)She said that she was pooping out of this party. :)

11:33....another bad contraction. The contractions worsen whenever she stands. I think that she is going to walk again. It will help her dilate and will ensure that she does not have to have pitocin. The midwife (Jeri Willeby) will be coming back in to check on things in another half hour or so.
11:48 Just got through one difficult contraction. Another one just started and your daddy is rubbing her back to try to take her mind of the pain and ease the pressure. She is standing to encourage more dilation before the midwife comes to check her in another 10 min or less. Hopefully, she will have dilated some. Mimi is an excellent birthing coach. :) Through many contractions she is holding your mama's hand.

Mama is in the bed on her side. Contractions are closer together. The midwfie just came in and she is checking to see if your mama has made any progress...
3 centimeters. Only 1 cm of progress. :/ The midwife will come back in another hour to check again. I will take a break for a while so as to be available.

After 1 hour and 45 min, Jeri came back and McKenzie was now 4 cm and moving along at about 1 cm an hour. This might place us at about an 8:00 delivery. You're causing mama an awful lot of pain. Yet, what baby doesn't? Auntie Maddy might be called to singleness. :)

I thought I might include some details about the area in which you are born. Your delivery room number is 303 and you are only two room numbers away from where your Uncle Macheus was born. We are on the third floor of the Medical Center of Central Georgia in the Family Birth Center.

Your mama vomited. :P Not a detail I'm sure she would want me to share with you, but this is your birth story, right?
Kimberly, your room nurse, has come back into check your heartbeat once more. Still very steady! The midwife said that you have slid down a little further to get ready for birth. The difficult part is convincing your mama that with each bit of progress, she is one step closer to being done and holding you in her arms. Encouragement is all we can give your mama now, as well as a good bit of prayer!
At 4:00, Jeri checked your mama again and found that she had dilated to 5 cm. No pitocin yet. Pitocin could mean a possible epidural. That doesn't have to be an option right now. 
It is very strange for me, being a sibling, to watch her take steps forward like this one. What I remember is an 11 year old girl with a fever staring out her bedroom window while her siblings entertained her. I can't help but smile too as I remember her tearing around our backyard on the back of a horse at a mere 12 years of age! A time like this gives me time to remember. Just ask me sometime and I'll tell you some stories! :)

5:03 pm Still no baby and McKenzie is measuring at 5cm.
Plenty of good solid contractions. Your daddy and mama went ahead and made the decision to do a little pitocin. Hopefully that will help to move things along. I don't think the dose was large enough to cause a problem, but it will make the contractions a little bit harder.

Jeri (the midwife) has come in and administered the medication. Mrs. Jeri is a Christian and always provides a calm, quiet presence in the delivery room. That and the sleep meds are just what your mama needs to relax.

mama just had her third bout of puking. :/ It would seem that the nausea medication is not working. :(

7:12 Jeri came back and checked your mama and she is 8cm!! Your mama keeps asking, "Is she going to come out?" Every time Jeri assures her that she is. :)

7:21 things are kicking up! Contractions are closer together and hurting much worse. They have just started bringing in supplies and getting things prepared.

 I am home and you and your mama are settled for the night!
After the last time I wrote, pain worsened and every position threw your mama into another severe contraction. gradually she felt the urge to push.
Your mama took the pushing in intervals for the first 20 min. Trust me, she was ready to see you more than feel you! :)

Your daddy was a champ! He was very supportive and as helpful as he possibly could be. He spoke to you mama with every contraction and every push with calmness and assured her every time that she was almost there. His calm presence was very helpful and pleasant under such circumstances. Daniel took his role as a husband to a whole new level. I have the utmost respect for him!

At about 8:05, contractions could not be seperated in intervals. Every moment brought new and increasing pressure and pain. Yes, both at the same time x1000. :)
8:10-8:15, Jeri can see a little bit of your head and you have dark hair! Of course, I presumed as much. ;) What do you get with two dark-headed parents after all?

At 8:20, your head is crowning and your daddy exclaims, "I can see little ears!" Then he begins to cry.

8:27 once your head had come out, the hard work for your mama, it was down-hill from there as Jeri assisted in pulling your whole body out.
At this point, when we layed eyes on your tiny little form, we began to cry. I don't know who cried the most, me or your Mimi. :)
You were absolutely gorgeous and to your mama, you were worth every moment of intense pain. It was a surreal moment for all four of us and when you took your first breaths it was one of the most precious sounds I ever heard. Your life has begun......"

 -Madeline Grace

Cord cutting

Daddy and his baby girl.

Our precious midwife! Love this dear lady!


  1. Oh, McKenzie...what a beautiful story. I'm so happy for y'all! So glad that little Miss Elizabeth is finally here!! Congratulations to you and Daniel on becoming parents! :)
    Love y'all,

  2. So beautiful! I love the fact that your sister did a story as you all where waiting and so you didnt have to do it all at once, so precious! <3 Love the pictures! Cant wait to see more newborn pictures! I am in love with your blog and I hope to keep seeing more posts!! Love your little family!