Thursday, May 3, 2018

Our Renovation Part 1

 I've been putting off finishing this series of posts because there is always a project that we are working on. I'm realizing that there is always going to be ANOTHER project and I want to make sure I document this season.

 Our process has moved a bit slower than some because we have done a majority of the work ourselves. We also are paying cash as we go! When we purchased this home we new that we would pay cash for every part of the renovation. The only debt we have is our home loan and we made an agreement early in our marriage that by God's grace and a lot of hard work we would never take out a loan for anything else. That commitment has been a huge blessing in our marriage!

As we slowly finish up the final details around our house I am attempting to compile all of our cell phone pictures that we have taken. 
I'm going to start with one my favorite parts of this project........the P O O L! 
When we bought the house we knew the liner was old and would need to be replaced soon. However, we were really hoping to not have to replace it this year. Two weeks after we purchased the home we stopped by to drop off some building supplies and we went out back to check on the pool. The former owner had been trying to clear up the water for us and we wanted to test it. 
The first red flag was that the water level was considerably lower.... To make a long story short, there was a big tear in the bottom of the shallow end.
We had to try and keep the hole covered over the winter so that rain water wouldn't keep seeping through. One of the pics below is of me getting ready to help Daniel attempt to temporarily seal a rip in the liner. It was a miserable cold night of slipping a sliding in that nasty pool. :) 

We contacted several pool companies to see how much a replacement liner would be. $$$$ #ouch
Pool companies only redo pools in the warmer weather because the liner stretches better when it is hot outside so, that gave us a couple of months to shop around for the best deal. 
Also, thanks to the budgeting habits we have developed from Dave Ramsey we were able to set aside enough to get the pool up and running this year! 

Of course like just about any project you do there are unexpected things that come up. :)
There was a considerable amount of sand work that had to be redone and we had to work on drainage in our courtyard to prevent future liner issues. Daniel needed assistance with that project so last Saturday and part of Sunday was spent putting together a drainage system. I felt super accomplished. :P  

We are still working on landscaping but here are the most recent pics of our pool area!

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